Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
These Terms and Conditions are subject to further changes and additions over the coming period. Should any additions cause serious objections on the part of the client, then they shall have the right to terminate the contract with immediate effect.

There is as yet no limitation to the number of feeds and templates/profiles utilised for the purpose of one website. Within the contract, both the number of feeds and the number of templates/profiles/widgets allowed for use is unlimited. In time the extent of feeds and templates/profiles in use will be reviewed. Next year’s proposal will be based on developing insights into usage of and burdening of RSScockpit servers. Any changes made to tariffs shall be no greater than 10% per year (excluding any inflation correction applied).

If ever RSScockpit fails to function properly for a period over 48 hours as a result of errors on the part of RSScockpit’s organisation, a discount will be applied to the charges for the following period; this discount will be calculated in proportion to the suspension of service. In case of an outage of service due to factors beyond RSScockpit’s control, there can be no such compensation.

RSScockpit operates under and in accordance with Dutch law. This means that no item shall be relayed in full and every item shall be linked to its original website location. It is therefore not allowed to copy content from any messages onto one’s own website, only links to their original online locations are allowed. RSScockpit executes this by way of displaying only a small part (no more than 155 characters) of an item’s content and citing its source. The website’s copyright conditions apply to its content and HTML code. Users are not allowed to copy content verbatim. They are only allowed to use the script/code provide under their contract with RSScockpit.

RSScockpit assumes no responsibility for any content of items relayed through feeds in use.

The notice period for contract cancellations is one calendar month.

RSScockpit is allowed to mention the name of any party using its services for the purpose of its own portfolio.
We request all our clients to include a reference to RSScockpit on their website.